In the context of the 29th Annual Meeting EORS 2021, the General Assembly of EORS Members will take place on

16 September 2021

17:25–18:25 CEST
Rome, Italy

Agenda General Assembly (GA)

1. Opening of the GA
2. Approval of the GA Minutes 2020
3. Reports by the President and General Secretary
4. Report by the Cash Auditors
5. Report by the Treasurer
6. Membership
7. EORS 2022 Annual Meeting
8. Closing of the GA

Institutional Sponsorships

EORS offers an opportunity for €500 institutional sponsorships covering up to 12 annual membership fees plus the logo and link to the institution's Website. Please contact eors@eors.info for further information

EORS 2021


29th Annual Meeting of the

European Orthopaedic

Research Society

15-17 September 2021