Edward Valstar

* 02-03-1970  -  † 17-05-2017
Former Professor and Head of the Biomechanics and Imaging Group (BIG)

Dept. of Orthopaedics, LUMC

The Netherlands

Annual Meeting Awards

EORS recognizes the importance of Young Investigators for the future of orthopaedics research by offering these Annual Meeting  Awards:

- Best Overall Oral Presentation – Edward R. Valstar Award

- Best Biomechanics YI Oral Presentation

- Best Clinics YI Oral Presentation

- Best Biology YI Oral Presentation

- Best Overall Poster

- Best Biomechanics YI Poster

- Best Clinics YI Poster

- Best Biology YI Poster

The winner of each award will have the opportunity to attend the next Annual Meeting free of charge and so continue to further their network and valued work in orthopaedics research.